I had grand and glorious plans of getting this posted on Friday. When I finished the menu planning. Then tummy troubles hit with a stomach ace on Friday night that is still with me to some extent today. But, if the kids need to be at school, I need to be at work… or something like that. I know my readers (all 4 of you) are waiting anxiously to see what’s on the menu this week, so here it is.

Saturday: We had planned a trip to the zoo and were tentatively planning on Bun-less Burgers with Broccoli Salad and fries for dinner. Our septic tank started bubbling on Saturday morning, and by Saturday afternoon the landlord was digging up our front yard. Small crisis averted with an unclogging of a box of some sort, and our very late dinner ended up as planned, minus the fries

Sunday: I really wasn’t feeling all that great, so what was planned as Greek Chicken and Pita bread ended up with me begging Kevin to get take out. We ended up with Baja Fresh, which seems to have become one of our go-to’s these days.

Monday: Greek Chicken and Pita Bread – we skipped the tzatziki sauce from the chicken recipe because I forgot to make it, but it is very tasty and next time I won’t forget. Our pita’s didn’t turn out quite like Heidi’s but I do thank her for the inspiration and the source for the recipe. I have a suspicion that our oven, despite being on most of the day for other baking, wasn’t quite hot enough. I will have to give these a try again for sure. 

Tuesday: Tuesday is Stephen’s first day back at school so he got to choose dinner – Hot Dogs, Baked Beans and fruit. I’m contemplating trying a batch of buns from a recipe that I found at the Better Batter website, but I am still undecided. For the beans, I pre-baked them and used the recipe as listed, but subbed homemade BBQ sauce for store bought. (Our ketchup is also homemade)

Wednesday: Wednesday is Genna’s first day back at school so it’s her turn to choose dinner – Grilled Chicken Ceasar Salad, bread sticks and “Alfredo” sauce. I’m going to have to search for the source for the bread sticks as it is one of the many that is in my infamous notebook of handwritten notes. We generally do the salad minus the croutons, if I get around to making some with one of the loaves of failed bread in the freezer tonight we will have some. This will be my first attempt at the dairy free alfredo, so I’m thinking 1/2 batch, just in case. Besides we don’t need that much for dipping really. 

Thursday: Peanut Butter Chicken Satay, steamed rice and broccoli. The recipe states that the sesame oil is optional, but for us it’s a must. I also double this recipe because the kids LOVE the peanut sauce. Especially Noelle who just learning to dip things. She can dip it in a tasty sauce, she will eat more of it. 

Friday: As usual, it’s Pizza. I’m sticking with our trusty recipe for Pao bread that I shared last week. It seems to be the family favorite at the moment, so why mess with what’s working, right?

My “To-Make” list for this week seemed huge – I’m guessing part of it is because I wasn’t feeling well and part of it is because it was huge since the kids are back to school this week. It included: yogurt, sandwich bread, banana bread (Stephen’s bread of choice for lunch currently), graham crackers, cheese crackers, Tuesday night’s Baked Beans, almond cheese, BBQ sauce, pita bread on Monday night and not one but two batched of Ranch Dressing. Recipes for all to come – I’ve got to have something to talk about tomorrow.