It has come to attention, er-hem thanks Kelly, that life in my house might be a bit strange to those who are not used to it. For people like my brother who are planning on staying at my house until he finds a place of his own, for example, it would seem that the lack of um, sugary, processed snack options might be a bit disconcerting.

We used to have those things in the house. In fact there is a whole cupboard in the kitchen that was once known as the “snack cupboard”. Inside this lower cupboard once lived boxes of granola bars, crackers, chips, microwave popcorn and any other goodies the kids could get me buy them. It is where we used to look first for an afternoon snack, and where Noelle still goes to see if there is something tasty for her to munch on. This cupboard now houses a few boxes of cereal, two boxes of cake mix that were forgotten in the last round of donations of the glutenous items to someone who would use them and a couple of stray jars of now forgotten baby food.

Snacks in our house now consist of homemade granola bars, graham crackers that I keep in the freezer because I make them in large quantity, and plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables (thanks to the Landlord for letting us keep the old refrigerator in the garage when they decided the one in the house was ready for an upgrade). We also stock plain tortilla chips and there is usually fresh salsa in the refrigerator for dipping. Every so often I will make a batch of GF “Goldfish” crackers or some other cracker to snack on, but I am finding more and more that we aren’t looking for crackers and other treats to snack on. A banana will do just fine. An apple with a smudge of peanut butter works equally as well. And no one is any worse for the wear. At least if the kids are complaining, they aren’t letting me hear about it.

So dear brother, be warned, snack options at my house are sparse. It’s not that we don’t get hungry or don’t snack – we do plenty of both and we eat well. You just might want to stop at the grocery store on you way into town and pick up some of your favorite treats so you don’t feel like you are starving as you adjust to the way I grocery shop. There is plenty of space in the snack cupboard for you to store your goodies in!