With each week that passes I seem to learn something different. For example last week I learned that you don’t mess with a recipe that has worked in the past – stick with the tried and true favorites and don’t deviate. If you do your cookies will fall completely flat and your enchilada’s, while tasty, will be soggy when you try to make them ahead of time and freeze.

It was a busy weekend in the kitchen and so far this week I have learned that while it sounds totally insane to pre-cook 100’s of chicken nuggets it really IS a fantastic idea. I learned that a cast iron skillet is about the best thing you can use to heating corn tortillas, and I have also come to the realization that I may never find a great recipe for GF sandwich bread. (If anyone reading has one, I beg of you to share it with me)

So this week, the goal is to highlight each night’s meal and add in all of those little tips and tricks. They were helpful to me, may family has already had the pleasure (or not in some cases) of testing out the final product so why shouldn’t someone else benefit.

Saturday: Hamburgers and Onion Rings   Hamburgers are just what ever mix you like. I used the recipe for hamburger buns that I have talked about before from Betterbatter.org. The onion rings were a MAJOR hit. Especially when dipped in Ranch Dressing. We found some super LARGE onions at the grocery store and ended up with more onions that I was willing to stand and fry. Just be sure that your oil is HOT, HOT, HOT or they will end up a tad on the oily/soggy side. 

Sunday: Lemon Chicken, steamed rice and broccoli   This one was planned for Sunday dinner because the recipe mentioned it was a lot of work. Maybe it was because I had cooked up 150 chicken nuggets earlier that day, but it really wasn’t much work compared to some other recipes. It took about an hour to prepare start to finish, which is about typical for from scratch dinners in our house. It was a HUGE hit, and next time I will likely double it, as there wasn’t quite enough for left overs for lunch the next day.  

Monday: Hamburger Helper and fruit (or maybe salad)  Fruit or salad is the question. I have some bread to make into croutons, so it may be salad. The family is all excited about this one, so I shall report back with the results. 

Tuesday: Potato Soup and fruit or salad  The answer to the fruit or salad question will depend on what we end up with for Monday night’s dinner. No subbing in this recipe other than GF flour for regular. We have begun incorporating cooked dairy again, and it seems to be going ok, so this is another one of those opportunities to see how well it is working.

Wednesday: Salisbury Steak with Gravy, mashed potatoes and carrots  I am excited about this one. I love Shauna’s blog, and while I don’t make a ton of her recipes I am a daily reader and get a ton of ideas from her. I watched the gravy “how-to” from start to finish and am super excited to try it out. Gravy seems to be one of those things that I have missed since going GF, and with the holiday’s coming up it’s about time to master this one.

Thursday: Creamy Chicken Taquitos and Salad        This is one meal that I tried to make ahead for this week. Genna has her first Volleyball game of the season this night so we will be getting home late. I doubled the recipe and froze the taquitos before cooking. The plan is to bake them up once we get home Thursday night and serve with a nice green salad. We all know about what happens to the best laid plans so I am cautiously optimistic about this one. 

Friday: Pizza and what ever veggies/fruit is left at the end of the week  Nothing fancy or surprising here. We’ve been having great success with our standby Pao bread crust. It’s quick and easy and makes for tasty left overs the next day.