The chilly weather continues here in the great Northwest with our first official forecast of a straight week of rain. One would think that after more than 11 years here I would be used to it. While I am more used to the lack of sunshine I am not sure that I will ever get used to the cold, dampness that is with us daily from the beginning of October through April.

But the cooler weather does get me thinking about some of my fall favorites. Pumpkin anything – bread, muffins, even doughnuts and waffles. There are few baked goods that I remember from growing up but Witches Bread is one of them. The recipe has been lost for years, but what I remember it to be was a moist pumpkin bread studded with raisins and walnuts. We first made it as a project in my Kindergarten class (I think), and it was something that my Mom continued to make through the years growing up. I’ll have to check with her to see if she still has the recipe…

Pumpkin doughnuts were on the menu for Sunday morning breakfast this weekend. I will post about them this week, but in short they were a delicious hit. I do have pictures (gasp!) but the pictures really do not do them justice. They are certainly something that we will be making again though out the fall and in years to come.

This week comes with some new changes to our house. My younger brother has decided to move to Oregon and will be staying with us until he is settled. Lovingly nicknamed “Betty Crocker” by him, it will be interesting for me to see what he thinks about all of these gluten free, low dairy, mostly refined sugar free, dye free creations I have come up with. We are also at the mercy of time this week as Volleyball season continues, so many of the meals this week are repeats from previous weeks, since I know they are good and I already know how long they really take to prepare.

Saturday: Tacos   Nothing special or fancy here. I keep a small container of our favorite seasoning blend on hand and it’s really no more work than browning the ground beef. Throw in your favorite taco toppings, and viola – dinner is served!

Sunday: Italian Chicken Soup, Breadsticks and Salad  Pioneer Woman is another one of favorite blogs – it’s pretty much a Pioneer Woman week for us, that was not intentional, but sometimes how the cookies crumble. I didn’t make many changes to this soup other than to sub out the noodles for Gluten free pasta. It did make a lot of soup. Gluten free noodles have that tendency to continue absorbing liquid and cooking, so next time I will reserve the pasta and add it to the individual portions as I serve them. 

Monday: Risotto Primavera with baked Chicken (recipe previously linked)

Tuesday: Beef with Snow Peas and Rice (recipe previously linked)

Wednesday: BBQ Meatballs (recipe previously linked), Mashed Potatoes, Roasted Carrots

Thursday: Chili Cheese Tator Tots and Fruit  The last time I made chili, I doubled the batch and put part in the freezer. With the Volleyball game tonight this will be a quick, easy and tasty dinner after the game. 

Friday: Pizza

With the recycled menu’s of this week, I will have time to share the recipes for some our family favorite weekly staples as well as a few treats for the rest of the week. I’m looking forward to being able to cross off a few items from my “things to blog about” list, so stay tuned.